Priscilla Kepner Sage

brunnier museumPriscilla Sage's brilliant, light, free-hanging fabric sculptures have been exhibited in galleries throughout the United States and across the world. The pieces, which evoke lyrical images, are conceptual studies of form, light, and space. Sage's radiant colors derive from mastery of disperse dyes and direct painting on silver mylar fabrics. The rich and complex stitched surfaces frequently include a glimpse of Japanese papers or shining copper-gold interiors.

Sage is a distinctly unconventional fiber artist, although the legacy of expert piecework shines through her constructions. Much of her award-winning work in mobile - a sense of balance replaces wires and internal supports. As the multiple sculptural forms move through light and shadow, the colors subtly change. Sage's wall relief pieces also rely on optical illusion and movement. ... ...For public spaces Sage makes large installations of multiples. Floating gently in space they can be seen as underwater gardens, flocks of iridescent birds, playful spinning tops, or ever-changing, endlessly fascinating kaleidoscopes.

— Jane Zaring

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